2 Invoices and 1 GRPO?

We received inventory in and entered it through a GRPO. Our vendor then invoiced me separately for the combined total of items. Am I able to enter both of these invoices off of the same GRPO? I have 19,822 items received, I am hoping I can create an invoice off of the GRPO and only use a portion of the items and then go back in and use the remainder to create the second invoice. Is this possible?


  • MTSteveMTSteve Staff Accountant

    Yes, it's totally possible. When you copy the GRPO to an invoice you can right click a line to remove it and/or adjust the quantities to match the invoice. After you save the invoice and return to the GRPO, the next time you copy to an invoice it will add the remaining items left to the second invoice.

  • Perfect, thanks Steve!

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