Does anyone print their keg collars or use labels?

essercesserc Owner

We have a lot of different brands, and I'm looking for a better way to handle keg collars. We have pre-printed collars for our cores, but everything else is filled in by hand.

I'm thinking of printing address size labels and just sticking them on the collars. I suspect there's a way to create a template and print them for a specific batch with all the relevant information (Name, date, batch code, etc.)

I don't want to re-invent the wheel, so I want to know if anyone is doing this and do you have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!



  • AlicenAlicen Customer Success Manager

    Hey there! Quick clarifying question - are the "everything else" seasonal or one-off brews I assume? I worked as a consultant and also asked around internally and I actually think this is a great process. You could create multiple templates for each keg size you produce so that you don't have to add that piece in every time. Similar to that, if you have any other info that doesn't change (maybe the beer style, season, year, ABV, etc.) to reduce the time it takes to handwrite that info in, that could really help. Also maybe you could get these label templates from your vendor at a better price? Or blank keg collar labels so they keep the same size and keep a consistent look? Something to think about.


  • ZachZach Business Process Manager

    We print our keg labels on little stickers normally used for shipping labels. We just pull up a template that matches the dimensions of the labels in Microsoft Word. Add the info we need and print them off. Super easy.

  • ZachZach Business Process Manager
    edited July 2

    I'm bored AF. I can make you a Word template that has a little form where you enter name, date, batch code, etc. and it will create the labels for you. If you got an example of labels (picture or doc) send it my way and I can customize the template for y'all's needs. btw, I'll do it for free.

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