How Does Everyone Plan Production?

jayyoujayyou Application Guru

This question comes up often from old and new customers alike and I'd love to hear directly from those that are scheduling production in Orchestrated to get a feel for the diverse processes used to get it done. How do you use the data in the system to know what you'll plan to produce and when?

Are you a fan of FISA? Maybe you dig the Scheduler? Perhaps QRIPS or ATP are more your style? Or perhaps you run a blend of these reports and others - whatever it is, please share! And if Excel reigns supreme for your team, then share the role that plays too.

Any details you want to throw in are great - How far in advance you create PdOs, whether you have a forecast, maybe you're looking for a more efficient process. Even including methods you moved away from might help another customer figure out their process moving forwards.

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