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We recently changed banks and need to set up the new bank in payment wizard. I set up a new 'Payment Method' for it but, it is not showing up. Is there a step I'm missing?


  • MarcRiceMarcRice Controller

    I got a response from Orchestrated on this.

    FYI, "The new payment method will need to be assigned to the BPs who will be using this Payment Method by going into BP Master Data and selecting it in the "Payment Run" tab. You will also want to set it as the Default Payment Method for these BPs while you are here.

    Once that is done, new Invoices for those BPs will default to your Payment Method for the Payment Wizard. Invoices that were entered before this change will still be set to the old Payment Method, so you can either pay them manually as needed or change the Payment Method in the "Accounting" tab of the Invoice to be your new Payment Method. The Payment Wizard will only allow you to pay the Invoice using the Payment Method in the Accounting tab, so this will need to be done on each invoice that is set to the old method.

    The easiest way to assign this new payment method en masse would probably be the Business Partner Utility: Business Partner Utility"

  • MarcRiceMarcRice Controller

    Final Update:
    I couldn't find a column on the Business Partner Utility to change the payment method. My work around, since the old bank account was deactivated; Instead of changing all 500+ vendors payment methods and adjusting all outstanding invoices, I changed the old payment method to reflect the new bank. This allowed me to keep the same payment method it just routes to the new bank now.

    I hope this helps someone in the future!

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