Cycle Counts

MariEllenMariEllen Administrative Assistant

Is anyone currently doing cycle counts for inventory? This is something I would like to get set up but I'm not exactly sure where to begin. I'm curious to see how others are doing it. Thanks!


  • ZachZach Business Process Manager

    What kind of inventory are you cycle counting? Finished goods or raw ingredients/package materials?

  • MariEllenMariEllen Administrative Assistant

    Ideally we will be moving all of it. I was actually planning on starting with Merch/POS to get the process down before moving it to Raw/Packaged and then Finished Goods.

  • AshleyAshley Accounting Supervisor

    We do! We started last Nov with our Retail Merch items and used them as the guinea pigs. I did a lot of research on the web for actual SAP info. We just started doing Raw Materials in the 3rd quarter of this year and the guys love it.

    We currently have 12 cycle codes set to reoccur every 3 months for the bulk of the items. I also have a monthly cycle set up for items being discontinued, or items that they want to keep a closer eye on. And the retail beer inventory is done weekly.

    I built a query to show me all items that have a cycle assigned to them and it shows the next count date. This helps the retail managers keep their 12 cycles as evenly distributed as possible. Wish List item for Obeer, a utility that allowed you to set Cycle Codes at the item level rather than having to go into each one individually in the Item Master Data screen.

    I also have alerts built that notify us if there was an inventory variance of +/- X units (whatever your threshold is for a recount) I have it set to pop up every Monday. Then our inventory person in Accounting double checks that the recounts actually happened. She does a status email every Friday reminding them to do their recounts, or asking why all the items in that weeks cycle were not completed. It's a nice double check for the managers in case things get busy and they forget.

    We had a lot of push back when our new controller suggested this method, and it was a bit of a bear to figure out because there wasn't much about in on the help desk. But now that I have the general idea up and going, and a system in place it's working really well! We're hoping to continue changing other inventory items, like packaging, to this sometime next year.

    Let me know if you want to talk sometime! And I'd be willing to share my queries with you too :-)


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