Cellar Person - Night Shift Brewing

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Job title: Cellarperson
Reports to: Production Manager
Department: Production
Classification: Hourly
Location: 87 Santilli Hwy, Everett MA 02149

Night Shift Brewing continues to expand and we’re looking for awesome individuals to help us create and share world class beer. Currently, we are searching for a Cellarperson. We demand a lot from every one of our employees, and this job is no different. A degree of self-sufficiency is a must, coupled with an interest in learning processes and a keen eye for process improvement and quality. All of these mandatory requirements come with the ability to develop a leadership role within Night Shift and move around within brewery operations (though, honestly, we all do a lot of everything every day, which you’ll do too!)

The work demands of the job will be changing throughout your time here, so you’ll need to think quickly and respond to changes quickly and effectively. We’re small and agile - we change all the time!

Summary of Position: The Cellarperson is responsible for both operations within the cellar and beer packaging. He/she follows the outlined Standard Operations Procedures and adheres to safety protocols throughout the brewery. He/she works closely with other cellarpeople and brewers attempting to minimize cycle times between empty tanks and packaging equipment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation

Understand and execute the daily schedules developed by the Production Manager
Utilize the SOPs developed for every process: transferring beer, CIP, carbonating beer, packaging beer, etc.
Package beer in accordance with prescribed metrics, including but not limited to: dissolved oxygen content, can seam inspections, carbonation retention, etc.
Transfer beer in accordance with prescribed SOPs, including but not limited to: recording dissolved oxygen content, measuring pre- and post-carbonation levels, ensuring maximum yields that are within specification, etc.
Perform CIPs following the outlined SOPs and recording all relevant data (ATP testing, D.O. measuring)
Rack beer into and from oak barrels

Education & Experience:

Bachelor’s degree or higher
1 year experience in a packaging brewery


Understanding of brewing chemistry & QC.
Understanding of beer workflow within OBeer, or similar SAP product
Understanding the requirement of recording all relevant data
Understanding the beer transfer process and relevant metrics
Understanding the beer packaging process and relevant metrics
Understanding a CIP/COP process, chemicals, etc.


Operation of various pumps, hosing, carbonation stones, Anton Paar C-Box
Operation of a Wild Goose 250/600 16oz can filler and additional machinery
Operation of a Meheen four head 750mL bottle filler and additional machinery
CIP/COP understanding and execution
Understanding and use of PPE equipment for various chemical handling throughout the brewery


Strong attention to detail.
Eagerness for listening to ideas, questions, and feedback.
An amiable personality and confident interacting with people.
Should have strong work ethic and a willingness to support other departments as occasion demands.
Keen eye for process/equipment improvements, with a focus on safety and efficiency

Physical Requirements:
The production aspects of this job take place in a working brewery environment, which involves the following:

Hot, cold, steamy, foggy, wet conditions
Noise (up to 90 dB)
Exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals, hot water, cold water, hazardous gases, and pressurized vessels
Exposure to machinery with moving parts
Wet floors
Occasional entry into confined spaces
Sitting, standing, walking, stooping, kneeling, crouching, climbing
Seeing, talking, hearing, tasting, and smelling
Lifting up to 55 pounds and moving up to 170 pounds

Please send us your resume and an email describing why you’d be great for this job (but it doesn’t have to be formal, we don’t wear suits here) to: [email protected] The deadline for resume submission is July 14th, 2018.

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